Coffee brewing tips

The last and one of the most important stages in the journey of coffee bean from the farm to the cup is the brewing of coffee. Coffee can be brewed in different ways, which will change the strength, taste and aroma of coffee. If you like strong coffee, then you should choose one of the espresso machines or a moka pot. If you prefer more softer coffee, you can make it by pouring it into a cup, coffee press or various filter machines and cones. If you like extremely bitter coffee, then choose a darker roast.
Just as any other food is tastier fresh, coffee is no exception, so we always recommend choosing high quality and freshly roasted coffee to enjoy the variety of coffee flavors.
We have summarized the most important things that should be paid attention to when making coffee.


Water plays a huge role in the taste of coffee, so it would be advisable to use filtered water. If the water is too hard, the coffee may taste uninteresting, but if you use too soft water, the coffee may taste unpleasantly acidic. The recommended pH for making coffee would be 6.5-7.5.
The recommended water temperature for making coffee would be 92-96 C.
Using filtered water in coffee machines will significantly prolong the life of coffee machines and you will be able to enjoy the true taste of each coffee.


The grind size of the coffee must be chosen depending on the method in which the coffee is to be prepared. Coffee can be ground in a variety of ways, from very fine (Turkish coffee) to fine (espresso, moka pot), medium (filter coffee cones and machines) and coarse (coffee press). To highlight and enjoy the true taste of each coffee, it is recommended to grind the coffee beans just before brewing.


Everyone is tasting differently, so it is best to be guided by our feelings. The recommended amount for making coffee, for example with a coffee press or filter coffee machine or cone, is 60g of ground coffee per 1l of water.


Light roast - in this type of roasted coffee it is possible to feel the unique taste of each coffee, which is characterized by fruity and citrus acidity.
Medium roast - even in coffee roasted in this way, it is possible to feel the unique taste of each coffee, which will have a rounder and fuller taste. The taste of coffee will be characterized by a balance between sweet, sour and bitter.
Dark roast - in this way roasted coffee will be dominated by bitterness and will not have pronounced fruity and very interesting taste notes.


The longer the coffee grounds are in contact with the water, the more substances that the coffee bean will hide in the coffee cup. Not all substances have a pleasant effect on the taste of coffee, so it is important how long to allow the coffee to come into contact with water. When making coffee by pouring into a cup or coffee press, the brewing time should be around 4 minutes.


The biggest enemy of coffee is air, so it would be advisable to store coffee in a closed container, at room temperature, in a dark place.


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