Coffee roastery

Coffee roastery "Tīrs Miers" is located in Gulbene region, Ranka parish. The roastery’s name means “Pure Peace”. Currently we are roasting coffee beans from different coffee growing regions, offering coffee lovers a variety of coffee flavors. Each coffee that is roasted is carefully selected and travel to the roastery from small coffee farms. Coffee is roasted with great love and respect for coffee farmers and hard work they do.

Latvian coffee roastery


Several times a year we carefully choose which coffee to roast and offer to coffee lovers. We only buy high quality green coffee that has traveled to our roastery from small farms or cooperatives and has been properly rated by the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and has received a quality rating of at least 80 points. We choose to roast the coffees that we like, which seem interesting and unique.Depending on the region where the coffee grows. We roast the coffee medium or light to highlight the unique taste of each coffee.
We roast coffee several times a week so that coffee lovers can always get freshly roasted coffee, because the aroma and taste of freshly roasted coffee is one of the most wonderful journeys in the world of sensations that we can experience.
When shopping, people pay a lot of attention to how fresh and where bread, fruit and other food products come from, but how often does a person stop and look at where the coffee they have decided to buy comes from and how fresh it is? Coffee loses its unique taste and aroma very quickly.
Our aspiration is for our customers to think of coffee like any other food and choose to enjoy freshly roasted and ethically grown coffee every day.
We wish that our roasted coffee will give you moments of Pure Peace, Sincerity and Togetherness.


We are always happy to meet and get to know people who are interested in coffee, who want to learn something new and who appreciate what we do.
If you are at the beginning of exploring the world of delightful coffee or are looking for coffee for your cafe, office or shop, then we will be very happy to hear your idea and vision. We are open to various forms of cooperation and with our more than 10 years of experience in the coffee industry we can provide professional support.

Wholesale latvian coffee
Coffee training


It is love in what you do, knowledge and skills in making coffee that make every cup of coffee a unique work of art. To give your customers an unforgettable coffee experience and create a desire to return to your cafe, the best machine and coffee in the world will not be enough. It is the person who makes and serves coffee who adds a soul to each cup of coffee. It is therefore very important to understand how to use existing or planned resources as efficiently as possible. We have created a training course for cafes, where we share our knowledge and skills in the field of coffee.

Custom packaging

We offer to personalize coffee packages with your chosen design. Available in different sizes - 30g, 50g, 70g, 200g, 250g, 500g and 1 kg.
The packages always contain freshly roasted coffee of your choice, and both coffee beans and ground coffee are available. Personalized packaging with freshly roasted coffee is great as a cooperative gift for business partners, a gift for wedding guests, etc. beautiful events.

Custom packaging

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