We are roasting high quality and ethically sourced Arabica green coffee beans from different coffee growing regions. In our coffee flavour we are finding the balance between bitterness, sweetness and acidity. Our roasting preference is a medium roast. We are constantly striving to highlight each coffee's unique flavour and character. Coffee is NOT just a bitter and black energy kick, it's an amazing drink with so much magic inside.

At the moment in our roastery we are roasting coffee from Ethiopia, Honduras, Brazil, Rwanda, El Salvador, Colombia.

We offer freshly roasted coffee to order.

 Visit our roastery

Visit includes:

  • Story of coffee roastery "Tīrs Miers",
  • Story of coffee’s journey from farm to cup,
  • Tips on how to make amazing coffee at home,
  • Coffee cupping and one espresso based drink of choice.

 Duration 1,5 hour, cost 7 Eur per person, max 25 persons.

If you would like to visit our roastery please CONTACT US.