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Latvian coffee roastery

Coffee roastery

Coffee roastery "Tīrs Miers" is located in Gulbene region, Ranka parish. The roastery’s name means “Pure Peace”. Currently we are roasting coffee beans from different coffee growing regions, offering coffee lovers a variety of coffee flavors. Each coffee that is roasted is carefully selected and travel to the roastery from small coffee farms. Coffee is roasted with great love and respect for coffee farmers and hard work they do.

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In our online shop you will find our roasted coffee from different coffee growing countries. We roast coffee every week and offer it in different size bags, both beans and ground coffee in the selected grind. In the shop you will also find various coffee brewing tools and accessories, which we have been carefully selected for their functionality and quality. Did you know you can also subscribe our coffee? Yes, that's right, we offer a variety of coffee subscription options.


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We are always happy to welcome coffee lovers to our coffee roastery who want to explore and taste the delightful world of coffee. We offer several options for visiting the coffee roastery, depending on your wishes. During the visit to the coffee roastery, you will have the opportunity to get to know us, learn the story of coffee, enjoy a coffee drink and taste coffee from different countries, as well as get answers to interesting questions about making coffee at home.

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At your event, with great love and care, we can make espresso-based drinks.This service suitable for anniversary celebrations, weddings, corporate events, exhibition openings, outdoor events and other social events. We will be very happy to be a part of your special event.

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