Coffee roastery Pure Peace

Baiba and Kalvis are the founders of the coffee roastery “Tīrs Miers” (“Pure Peace”). We believe that coffee is an art and that every cup of coffee you make is a unique work of art.
For a total of six years, Kalvis worked in various cafes in UK, where he gained experience working as a barista, head barista and cafe manager. However, in the end Kalvis realized that the biggest satisfaction he gets is from training people how to make amazing coffee.
Kalvis had a wonderful opportunity to work and gain experience as a barista trainer in a coffee roastery. During this time, Kalvis provided various types and levels of training in coffee theory and practice, at the London Training Center and on-site visits to clients across the UK. Kalvis has participated in barista competitions and obtained certificates in various levels of SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) courses.
After living in UK for eight years, Baiba and Kalvis decided to return to Latvia in search of their peace, which they also found and created coffee roastery “Tīrs Miers”(“Pure Peace”). Kalvis turned to coffee roasting because he has always been fascinated by the smell of freshly roasted coffee and wanted to understand how coffee roasters can find and highlight the unique taste of each coffee, it was the next step in the growth of the coffee industry.
We call our roastery "Tīrs Miers" (“Pure Peace”) because we believe that coffee should be enjoyed, and the moment a person enjoys his cup of coffee, the feeling of Pure Peace and harmony ensues. “Tīrs Miers” (“Pure Peace”) also because the coffee roastery is located surrounded by nature in a very beautiful and peaceful place.